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Benefits of water activities for dogs

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Dogs may get fit through swimming.  Swimming and other low-impact water sports are good for dogs with arthritis or other mobility concerns.

Participating in water sports is beneficial to one's cardiovascular health, as well as one's muscle strength and endurance.


Mental Stimulation and Reduced Stress

Dogs need mental stimulation from water activities.  These exercises help dogs avoid boredom and destructive behavior by using their senses, instincts, and problem-solving skills. 

Dogs and owners can bond through water activities.  Dogs adore spending time with their owners, and aquatic activities may be exciting and unusual. 

Socialization and Bonding


Water activities also improve a dog's hair and skin. Swimming improves skin circulation and removes dirt and oil from a dog's coat.  This reduces skin infections and promotes a lustrous coat.

Improved Coat and Skin Health

Water activities can also help dogs stay slim. Swimming and other water activities help overweight dogs lose weight.  These activities also prevent obesity in dogs.


Weight Management

Dogs recovering from surgery or injury can benefit from water exercises.  Swimming and other water sports can increase range of motion and strength without straining injured joints or limbs.

Rehabilitation and Recovery

Water activities can also help dogs cool down in hot weather.  Dogs are at risk of heat stroke and dehydration during the summer months, and water activities can help regulate their body temperature and prevent overheating.


Cooling Effect

Water exercises boost a dog's confidence and agility.  These exercises require dogs to cross varied terrains and obstacles, improving their coordination and balance.

Improved Confidence and Agility

Water exercises can also help dogs with joint pain or arthritis.  Swimming and other water activities are low-impact exercises that can help reduce joint inflammation and pain while improving flexibility and range of motion.

Reduced Joint Pain

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