Facts About Aquarius Woman That Are Scarily True


Incredibly imaginative and challenge conventions with their outlandish ways of living. Their intelligence generates novel concepts

1. They Are Intelligent

Aquarius women lead by example, make moral choices, and offer honest counsel—even when it is painful.

2. They Love To Set Examples

Aquarius ladies yearn for stimulation and intellectual activity. They admire intelligence and take pleasure in debating various subjects.

3. They Are Easily Bored

Women of the sign of Aquarius are intrigued by their sexuality and value the unusual. In bed, they like to assert themselves.

4. They Are Sexually Fearless 

Gregarious beings, but they can sometimes become isolated in their own thoughts, which is bad for their mental wellbeing. They overanalyze and stress too much.

5. They Are Prisoners Of Their Own Thoughts

Aquarius ladies are impartial and won't assert their superiority. They consider all factors before making a choice.

6. They Have An Acute Sense Of Fairness

Satirical humour is the middle name of Aquarius women, who have a sharp sense of humour. Unless you're the target, it's fun.

7. Sarcasm Is Their Middle Name

Women of the sign of Aquarius are sharp and witty, but terrible liars. They appear uneasy and tense, which exposes gaps in their lies.

8. They Suck at Lying

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