Influence of changes and transits on the time of relationships

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The passage of planets across a person's birth chart over time is referred to as astrological transits.  These transits can have an impact on the timing of events in a person's life, including relationships.

 A transit that activates a person's 5th house of romance, for example, may coincide with the beginning of a new relationship.

Changes in one's personal circumstances, such as getting a new job, relocating to a new place, or experiencing a significant life event, can have an effect on the timing of romantic relationships.

Personal changes can impact relationship timing

These shifts might bring about new possibilities for a person to meet possible partners,

 but they can also cause a person's priorities and ambitions to shift in a way that has an effect on the goals they have set for their relationships.

There is a correlation between the timing of a relationship and its success.

Timing can impact the success of relationships

For instance, beginning a new relationship during a time of personal stress or upheaval may result in the creation of additional obstacles that might put a strain on the connection between the two people.

 On the other hand, beginning a new relationship during a time in your life when you are experiencing both personal growth and stability may result in a foundation that is stronger for the connection.

Understanding the impact of transitions and transits on relationship time allows a person to use astrology to maximize their relationship timing.

Working with astrology can help optimize relationship timing

This could entail waiting for a favorable transit or attempting to connect personal changes with relationship goals.  This can increase the likelihood of relationship success and fulfillment.

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