Signs He has Multiple Partners


Your partner could be quite careful and good at making excuses. Be observant and you'll find out why he wants some space from you.

1. He’s never around

It's critical to maintain privacy in a relationship but possession of the phone, anxiety when notifications appear, and shady phone calls are red flags.

2. He protects his phone like the CIA

He avoids hanging out with you, is secretive, and uses a private social media account. Do not disregard the warning signals of a cheating boyfriend!

3. He suddenly doesn’t like public places

Relationships are built on communication, so if he won't do it with you, you might not be the only one in his life.

4. There’s a lack of communication

If you feel like you're the only one looking forward, take stock of the situation. He might not be prepared to settle down and might be considering other women.

5. He never tries to see the future

Your comfort is never given precedence over his time. It's time to look more closely if you believe that your relationship is lacking something.

6. He makes the world revolve around him

If he spends time with other and prioritises having intercourse over getting to know you, he might not be really devoted.

7. He is not interested to know you

Although it is acceptable to have friends of the opposite sex, if your partner refuses to introduce you, it may be a sign of infidelity.

8. He never introduces you to his girl “friends”

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