The relevance of astrology in natural catastrophe prediction

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For ages, astrology has been used to better comprehend natural events,  such as the movements of celestial bodies and their impact on human behavior.

 While astrology is not a scientific discipline, it can provide insight into the universe's interconnectedness and how different planetary alignments can impact weather patterns and natural disasters.

Astrologers are of the opinion that particular configurations of the planets can have a role in the occurrence of natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis.

The Role of Planetary Alignments in Natural Catastrophes

For instance, when two planets are in opposition to one another,  the gravitational pressure that they exert on the earth can cause tectonic activity, which can ultimately lead to earthquakes.

 In a similar manner, when Saturn and Pluto are in conjunction,  it may signal a period of major upheaval and alteration, which may take the shape of natural calamities.

Even though astrology has the potential to shed light on natural occurrences,  it is not a reliable method for predicting natural catastrophes.

Astrology's Natural Disaster Predictions Criticisms

Some people believe that the predicting potential of astrology is based on anecdotal evidence and that it does not adhere to the standards of science.

 They instead argue for methods of disaster prediction that are founded on evidence,  such as the monitoring of seismic activity, weather patterns, and ocean currents.

Astrology cannot forecast natural disasters, but it can help prepare for them. Governments and companies can better manage crises by studying natural disaster astrology.

Using Astrology to Inform Disaster Preparedness

 Astrology may also help mental health and trauma support providers understand the emotional and psychological effects of natural disasters.

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