Zodiac Signs Who Are Least Romantic 


The stars may hold the key to understanding why your significant other isn't more romantic toward you. 

Find out which signs, from practical realists to jaded pessimists, rank among the least romantic in the zodiac below.

This slightly insensitive sign can appear icy at first. Great in bed, but the romance ends there," is how Marquardt characterizes Capricorns.


People who enjoy fairy tales and have no idea what to anticipate may feel awkward on a first date with a Cap because they don't know what to expect. 

However, if their partner makes an effort to get them to relax and open up, people who are career-focused can experience deeper levels of intimacy on occasion.

Because they are so preoccupied with themselves, Aries have a hard time considering the feelings and needs of those around them.


Aries handing up something of value to the other person, something that Aries is unwilling to do.

An Aries you're dating might be interested in learning more about you, but that's mostly only because they like the novelty of making a new friend.

The Aquarius mind is always far away. This emotionally distant sign is often contemplating profound ideas, but they rarely involve love.


Marquardt claims that Aquarians' love of "freedom, autonomy, and space" is counterproductive to their romantic lives.

When things get tough in a relationship, this sign may also withdraw inward, leaving their partner wondering where they went.

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